Global Game Jam 2011

Created at Scottish Global game jam in 2011, with a team of a designer, an artist and two programmers.

We used Unity to allow us to quickly prototype and bring the game to high level of completion in the short amount of time available.

Game brief

Chinchilla hates tortoises. They talk really slow, they have stupid top hats, they do that thing when they eat lettuce… so annoying. As such, you’re going to help him exterminate the entire species in order to make the world a better place, by eating them one by one. Chinchilla doesn’t even like the taste of tortoises. Intergalactic conservationalists however are determined to stop you; they’re abducting the endangered tortoises in order to breed more of the frustratingly charming creatures. You’ll need to race from tree to tree and devour each specimen before it can be rescued, dodging the spikes and hammerhead-land-shark of course. But take care, consume too much and the ancient Mayan prophecies of Chinthrilla may be fulfilled.


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